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 Vishwa Bharati Public School, Wadda, Pithoragarh(U.K) has always believed in education that bears greater affinity to a students life ahead. The founder principal  inspiration and constant guidance has made the school a force to reckon with in various fields. Besides academics, the school has done exceedingly well in various areas like sports, music, performing arts, oratory and a lot more. When a child comes to us it is his/her very first exposure to the world outside the realm of the family. The imprints of the first experience give direction to his life later. So, we aim at the overall development of our students. In the present world of degenerating values, we seek to inculcate good values which have been producing true human beings who lead our society towards true upliftment. The aim can only be attained if all possible avenues are explored and utilised to develop the all round personality of the people.


Welcome to the VBP School website. As the school’s principal, I feel honoured and fortunate to be a member of a learning community where everyone has the opportunity to learn something new every day. We see ourselves as a community of learners, where everyone, including our employees, parents, and instructors, is always learning. I firmly believe in preserving high standards with an unwavering dedication to work tirelessly to comprehend and enhance the educational process while completely focusing on student performance. Learning for your child entails and centres on a strong home-school relationship. We are aware that your child will benefit more from the collaboration the stronger it is. As we try to build a school where parents are always welcome, kids are engaged in meaningful learning, and staff members are valued and recognised for their contributions, I am looking forward to working with you.

Bringing out the talent within

The academy offers advanced studio course for uppers and seniors, which includes visits to museums and a student-designed capstone project and exhibition.


Temple of knowledge

Vishwabharati Public School

We at Vishwabharati School are dedicated to providing a top-notch academic education to each student. Our teachers are well-trained and experienced. Offering a wide range of extracurricular activities. Our classes are small to ensure more personalized attention, and our staff is always available to provide guidance and support. Join us today and unlock your true potential!

School's Testimonial

“Mam when this online classes started we were worried how small children will cope up as it is a new concept but today I want to thank you to connect our children to E learning.Your patience and commitment towards our child improvement is really commendable.We really appreciate all the teachers for such a great support and learnings they are giving to all the students for a great future.
Big Thanks!!

                      -Student’s parent

“The environment of the school is highly conducive and the school gives utmost priority and attention to students along with this they cater all the needs of the students on time.”

                    -Student’s parent 

“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world It has an amazing infrastructure & ofcourse the faculties are very knowledgeable with perfect basics. Teachers are very friendly & cooperative. Apart from academics it provides the students with the opportunity to outshine in co-curricular activities too. Thanks to VBPS for providing such wonderful services.

                      -Student’s parent


temple of knowledge

Vishwa Bharti Public School, H79H+JVH, Suwakote, Uttarakhand 262521

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