Unlimited Pathways

The School provides a range of pathways for students. With modified learning pathways students work towards significant curriculum standards to ensure they are ready for their next learning program. We then offer Professional Development Program to develop entrepreneur Children.

At The School, your child will work towards and will have access to the professional Careers. We offer tailored elite level performance training that will help our students to secure internships and give them first-hand experience of the industry.

Welcome to VishwaBharati Public School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

Bringing out the talent within

The word “talent” is most often used to describe a set of skills that are believed to be purely innate to a child or adult. However, such a conception of talent ignores the role of practice in success. When we hear about a cricket player being talented or a singer being talented, the implication is usually that they are gifted with some special abilities and that’s why they have achieved the success they have. To me, this is a very narrow definition of talent. To me, being talented means that two equally important forces came together to work towards one goal. The first force is “nature” and includes the innate predispositions or unique behavioural traits that each of us is born with. The second force is “nurture” and includes the effects of the unique environment we have grown up and interacted with – the adults in our families, friend circles, neighbours, peers, the activities in school, sports and arts coaching classes, etc. I believe it is important to acknowledge the influence of both these forces on building talent. That’s right, I don’t think talent is something just sitting inside us, but rather it is something we build through practice.

As an educator and parent, I know that I don’t have control over the nature piece – I can’t control what predispositions my child is born with or not. But, I do have some control over the nurture piece – I can structure the social environment and various learning engagements during my student or child’s day to help bring out the best in them. And this is precisely what schools should be thinking over very deeply.

The first responsibility of schools is to build foundational reading, writing, and maths skills, along with foundational knowledge related to socio-emotional development and citizenship, in all students. There is no individualization in the learning program at this level, it’s a generic curriculum that is relevant for every child and is critical to put in place as the building blocks of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and all the other 21st century competencies we want kids to develop. Schools should be expected to use the most cutting-edge scientifically-proven methods to build such foundational skills and knowledge. This mandate takes up a surprising amount of time during the school day, leaving little for enrichment or co-curricular activities that help students discover and nurture their unique interests. This time constraint implies that schools should be very strategic about their co-curricular program.

Limitless learning and opportunities

We are providing additional support or extra help to the children in need. Our policy is that no student will require attending tuitions outside school. Our enhanced assessment & intelligent scoring system will determine the student’s current standard and with an open policy encouraging student to voice out their issues, in order to offer them additional support.